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Warranty Information For Our Clients

We Provide A 12 Month Warranty On OEM-based Hardware Part Replacement

At Laptop Repair Geeks of DC, our goal is to make resolving your computer mishap the most pleasant and stress free experience possible. With respect to our services, we stand behind our work and provide a 12 month written warranty on all OEM hardware replacement parts. OEM parts is defined as replacement parts that are procured through the original manufacturer. All replacement parts procured through generic or overseas channels such as: Local part distributors, China, Hong Kong, Ebay, etc. carry a 30 day warranty. Laptop Repair Geeks reserves the right to refuse or deny a warranty claim based on physical abuse or the improper handling of the repaired component. Laptop Repair Geeks will assume the cost to procure a new part that fails under the warranty period, however the customer is responsible for the labor costs associated with installing the new component. All Software based repairs/services to include but not limited to Windows Operating Systems, Apple Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Internet Browers and Anti-Virus Suites do not qualify as a warranted service.

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